DURAMAX MARINE®, in providing products and services to our Customers, is committed to comply with and satisfy applicable requirements. We are dedicated to constant improvements in every area of our business and to doing our job right the first time so as to achieve total customer satisfaction.


We are proud to have been audited and certified by an independent ISO 9001 registrar; Smithers Quality Assessments (SQA). This certification establishes that Duramax Marine products and services are produced using a quality management system that meets internationally recognized requirements.

Duramax Marine LLC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.


ISO 9001:2015 is an independent third-party Quality Management Certification that assesses and certifies that Duramax Marine LLC has a well defined, and regularly reviewed quality management system to monitor its processes and procedures integrated as part of the culture within its entire organization. The Duramax Quality Management System is designed to ensure a consistent level of quality services and products to its customers.
It gives our customers confidence Duramax Marine LLC has the ability to continually deliver the highest quality products or services on time to your satisfaction.



Principle 1
Focus On Customer Product and Service Requirements

We constantly research to understand our customers’ current and future needs and expectations, then communicate them throughout our entire organization.
  • Our company resources are used to measure customer satisfaction then act on exceeding customer expectations.
  • We ensure the objectives of our organization are closely linked to customers’ requirements by delivering unmatched personal service, technical support, and high quality products that deliver unmatched performance.

Principle 2
Management Commitment To Quality.

Unmatched quality has always been our goal and objective. The company vision has always been clear to everyone at Duramax Marine LLC.
  • Management creates and maintains an internal environment in which everyone is fully involved in achieving our organization’s goals.
  • We provide excellent training, resources, and freedom for staff to act with responsibility and accountability.
  • Duramax believes we should treat customers fair and be ethical role models at all levels of our organization.

Principle 3
Staff Involvement At All Levels

Duramax Marine LLC’s entire staff is committed to continual improvement at all levels in our organization. Their motivation and full involvement is the essence of our organization.
  • We stress innovation and creativity to further our organization’s objectives.
  • Our staff actively seeks opportunities to enhance their competence, knowledge and experience.
  • People take personal responsibility for problems and freely share their knowledge and experience to solve them.
  • Customers know if they have a problem there is always someone at Duramax that has the right solution.

Principle 4
Evaluate Staff, Infrastructure, and Work Environment.

Duramax LLC continuously evaluates our process to improve how we can operate more efficiently.
  • We identify, examine and measure how we can improve our capabilities and functions of the organization.
  • Our focus is on continually improving our resources, methods, and materials we use.
  • We look to identify ways to manage key activities of the organization that can have a positive impact for our customers.

Principle 5
Meeting Customer Product Requirements.

Duramax LLC has identified, understands and manages its processes that will best produce customers’ products effectively and efficiently.
  • We structure our efforts around our key processes, while integrating other processes to reduce cross-functional barriers that can hinder the effectiveness of our operation.
  • We continually improve our system through measurement and evaluation. The results: an efficient operation that can deliver quality products and services customers can trust.
  • Consistent delivery of unmatched quality, statuary and regulatory requirements of customer products.

Principle 6

The strategic intent and permanent objective of Duramax Marine LLC is the improvement of its overall performance.
  • Improvement of products, processes, and systems is an objective for every individual in our organization.
  • We provide people with training in the methods and tools of continual improvement.
  • We establish goals to guide and track improvement, with the flexibility to react quickly to opportunities for improvement .
  • Building customers’ confidence and trust in the quality and performance of the Duramax Marine brand.

Principle 7
Factual Decision Making.

Duramax Marine LLC makes informed decisions based on factual analysis of data and information.
  • Makes decisions and takes action based on factual analysis, balanced with past experience and intuition.
  • Always analyzes data and information using valid methods.
  • Delivery of highest quality product technology and services at the right time to customers in an ever changing market.

Principle 8
Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships.

Partners with high-quality key suppliers that can mutually benefit us, our supplier, as well as our customers.
  • Optimize our resources to help reduce costs and allow customers to stay cost competitive.
  • Choosing the right supplier gives us flexibility and speed for joint response to meeting customer needs and expectations.
  • We can pool our expertise, resources and information for future joint new product development for a customer’s ever-changing market.

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